CTV09: Talk the Talk with Martin Jackson

For his final show, search acclaimed journalist and talk show host Martin Jackson interviews his most coveted guest.

CTV08: Tigerclaw – Viral Video

After seeing a viral video from rival filmmaker James, illness AJ and Theo decide to create their own to boost the profile of their failing website.

CTV07: College Daze

In 1971, find a microwave oven accident sent Dale Edwards 30 years into the future. His only way to get back to his time is to enroll in college and learn to build a time machine. Although the date has changed, the drama is all the same.

CTV06: TAG Body Spray

A man gets ready for a hot date. This commercial aired three times – only in Japan.

CTV05: Drum It!

Let grandmasters Stanuel Sabian and Barry ‘Factor-X’ Smedléy teach you how to play the drums.

CTV04: Cooking with Mike

Learn to cook the foods you’ve always wanted to cook with Bostonian master chef Mike Ghirardelli.

CTV03: Moustache

A man and his moustache: a blessing or a burden? HERE IT GOES!

CTV02: Product Placement

Sponsored by Pepsi™ and Boost Mobile™: Where You At?

CTV01: Tigerclaw – Local Celebrity

Episode 1. AJ and Theo discover an opportunity to boost the profile of their epic work-in-progress film Tigerclaw.